A little about us…

About the Love DJs

The event of a wedding gets us in the ‘feels’ – We love to share this moment with our clients and understand this is your day! We want to be part of this special occasion and help to make it memorable.

We deliver, classic, quality, curated music for the event, by providing a friendly and personable approach to professional music experiences tailored to the discerning music lover.

We don’t fit into the normal mobile DJ category; we are a boutique group who have honed our skills from residencies in bars, restaurants, cafes, clubs and venues over the last 15 years.

Our past clients include: Trinity Bar, Academy Club, Shorties, Knightsbridge Penthouse, Hopscotch, Honkytonks, Hippo Lounge, Transit bar, Parlour Wine Room, Grazing, Lerida Estate Winery, Albert Hall, IKEA and many more across Canberra and New South Wales.

We are known for delivering classic, refined quality wedding DJ’s, we don’t use lights or smoke machines or speak with the audience, we use our exceptional selection and DJ skills that have been refined over the years.

We endeavour to create inviting atmospheres for your wedding space to enhance your vision with beautiful music memories.

Our bespoke solutions aim to create a personalised answer for all your needs, what ever your vision we can craft a scenario to fulfil your request so get in touch to discuss creating a memorable party atmosphere with classic reminiscent feel good vibes.


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